How to earn money from google? (Top Platforms)

What are the best ways to earn money from google online? That’s the question I answer in this guide, which provides in-depth instruction on all of Google’s revenue-generating programs, including AdSense, AdWords, Google Analytics, and more. Learn how to properly set up accounts, optimize your strategy and fully monetize your site using Google’s world-class products to generate an income online.

Google is an example of a company that offers multiple ways to earn money through its platform. Although it is most well-known for search engine services, it also has tools to make money on YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome apps.

To earn with Google, you need to have a Gmail account, since all earnings are given via G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps). If you aren’t already signed up for G Suite and don’t own a domain name through Google Domains, don’t worry — you can get both free of charge! First of all, sign up for an AdSense account.

1. Google AdSense

If you want to monetize your website with Google AdSense, you need to apply for an account. The application process includes answering some questions about your site and signing an AdSense publisher agreement.

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Once approved, you can sign in to your account and start adding ads on your site. Setting up Google AdSense is a breeze if you have a WordPress site or run a small business that sells products via an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce. If not, then setting up ads can be complicated but don’t worry; we have detailed tutorials for just about every CMS available in our guide’s section! But be warned – applying for an AdSense account is one of those tasks that will take at least 24 hours.

2. YouTube Channel Income

YouTube has a partner program that allows you to turn your videos into an income-generating business. If you have a good channel with subscribers and views, you can join the YouTube Partner Program as a creator and allow ads on your videos for extra revenue. Once you start making quality content, there is a lot of potential with YouTube and Google AdSense programs. Several bloggers have started making six figures from their channels. You can even become an expert in certain niches on YouTube and share your knowledge with others via video. Again, it’s not easy, but it’s possible when you put in consistent effort over time.

earn money from google
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3. Writing on Medium/ Blog writing

The quickest way to make a bit of cash on Medium is with sponsored posts. Advertisers pay based on how many clicks they get, but you can also let companies post their content for free if it matches your interests. If you’re an experienced blogger, companies might even pay you to write a post about them.

Most publishing platforms (Medium included) have a jobs section where clients look for bloggers by category and rate—or you can go with more general platforms like Upwork or Pro-blogger where payment rates vary widely depending on what kind of writing skills you possess. To learn more about freelance writing, read our guide.

Affiliate Marketing

Before you get started, there are some basic things you should know about affiliate marketing. The most important factor understands how and where you can apply it to your advantage. Online businesses must market themselves to stay relevant and effective in a highly saturated marketplace.

In addition, affiliate Marketing offers an array of incredible benefits that draw people back time and time again: customer loyalty, brand awareness, increased traffic, product sales, and customer retention are all ways affiliates help their clientele. When affiliates sign up with a company, they place text links or banner ads on their sites directing consumers towards merchants who are willing to pay commission when someone purchases through their website

4. Google opinion rewards

It does not matter if someone is interested in your opinion or not. Because Google is always there to pay attention to you. This is one of Google’s online jobs. It rewards you with your thought, with a keen interest in knowing what and how you feel about a particular thing.

Google opinion reward is an app through which you can earn $1.00 by sharing your views in a survey. Sometimes they offer $5.00 for one survey and sometimes they pay $1.00 for five surveys.

5. Google Maps

Google map is a feature used worldwide. As you know, it’s available through an app, which makes it an easy tool not only to find a place but also to earn money. You can make money to walk with you with less effort such as:

  1. By posting photos.
  2. By giving location reviews.
  3. By editing or adding location information.
earn money from google
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6. Google Ads

Google ads are not as easy a task as it seems. You have to do a large homework before starting a campaign there because if camping is not up to mark you can make a loss. Google ads provide you the answer to the question that how you can earn money online from Google?

But with an indirect way to earn money online.

You have to follow certain steps to earn money through Google ads, such as

  1. Select a niche of your interest by using popular keywords that are in search according to the latest trend.
  2. Join the best affiliate program according to your selected niche,
  3. Write a detailed article or review of the product and place it on your website or a landing page.
  4. Signup for a Google ads account.
  5. Create an ads campaign for your website because if your website has ads then it is very easy to bring your website to the notice of thousands of people. In short, a single click on your ad makes money for you, and ultimately when your website ranks by heavy trafficking you can do sponsored posts.

7. Google Play store

Nowadays people focus on handy things which make their work instantly and with a lot of comfort. Google apps are another way to earn money online by creating apps and listing them on google play. Everything nowadays is done through apps like ticket booking, financial transactions, entertainment, games, etc. For this, you just have to learn some skills like coding.

First of all create a Google Wallet merchant account, sign in and open the section of financial reports. Select the option of ‘set up a merchant account now’, upload your app, and start to earn. To increase your earnings set up Google ads with your app.

earn money from google
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Final Opinion

How to earn money online from Google? As you know, you are unable to measure the depth of the sea, and even if you can’t measure it with any tool just like that this field is much deeper and wider beyond your expectations. This platform just demanded patience, determination, and smart work. In short, opportunities are endless and versatile, just explore them and transfer them from a paper plan to action. Soon after that money is sure to come.

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