Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly

It’s relatively unusual for a laptop screen to go black at random, so don’t be alarmed if you turn on your laptop and see a black screen when it’s still running. So, in order to assist you with this issue, this article contains all of the necessary information, ranging from your Lenovo laptop screen turning black to its causes and solutions.

 This problem can be caused due to multiple factors. Check to see whether your laptop is experiencing any of the following problems.

1. Possible Causes of a Lenovo Laptop screen going black randomly

The fact that your Lenovo laptop’s screen has gone black might be caused by a variety of factors makes it tough to pinpoint the exact problem. Here are some of the major elements that contribute to such issues:

1.1 Software/ Graphics card Driver’s issue

The software files of your operating system might become damaged owing to faulty sectors in a hard drive or a corrupted graphics card driver. While there are a variety of reasons why this occurs in the first place.

corruption in the operating system is frequently caused by an error during the saving’ process. ‘A rapid rise in power might have an impact on the smooth operation of Operating System.’

1.2 Hardware/ Graphics card issue

One of the most typical causes of your Lenovo laptop’s black screen, as witnessed in many situations, is hardware faults in various components. Internal wires in your laptop wear down with time, and a broken internal cable might be the source of the problem.

Furthermore, overheating your laptop might cause a graphic card crash, resulting in a distorted display system.

1.3 Defected Battery

A faulty battery might also be the cause of your Lenovo laptop’s Black Screen. If your laptop turns blank when you remove the charger from the battery source, it’s a battery problem. For confirmation, try replacing your battery with a functional one.

1.4 Over Heating Lenovo laptop

A commonly occurring reason for your Lenovo’s black screen is because it has become overheated. This might happen because your Laptop fan is clogged with dust, debris, hair, or filth, making it difficult for it to cool down properly.

1.5 Display Fault

If there is a problem with the display, like a faulty display or the laptop’s screen back led lights not working, you may also encounter this problem. 

1.6 Power supply issue

Lack of power may lead to a situation like this. Problems with the power supply might cause your Lenovo screen to go dark, causing a slew of problems for you.

2. Solutions for Lenovo laptops when the screen goes black randomly

 The dark screen on a Lenovo laptop may appear like a major problem, but it is not, Only by understanding many facets of the problem will you be able to fix it. Here are the most effective solutions to the Lenovo laptop’s black screen problem.

2.1 Restart your Lenovo Laptop

It’s surprising how much a simple restart of a computer can resolve the problem. Restart your Lenovo laptop without any attached devices. If your problem is resolved, the associated accessory was most likely causing the screen to not turn on properly.

2.2 Reset Display Settings

You may easily resolve this issue by resetting the display configurations. Hold the following keys simultaneously and instantly release them: Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B. This will refresh your laptop’s display connection, and you may get the display back.

2.3 Disconnect/unplug External Device

As witnessed in many situations, peripheral devices such as external hard drives and printers can interfere with the smooth operation of laptops. It might be caused by anything, from device incompatibility to corrupt hardware components.

If your external device contains a virus and you connect it to your laptop inadvertently, your laptop’s functionality may be affected.

2.4 Updates Graphic Drivers

If your Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly then maybe your graphics driver is faulty or out of date, and the display may not function properly. To test whether your display turns on, try upgrading the driver and restarting the computer.

2.5 Updates the Windows

Another option to consider is updating Windows. Because Windows updates manage several of your laptop’s systems. As a result, if your Windows is outdated and you fall behind on the system, you may have problems with your laptop. You may be able to restore your screen by upgrading your Windows.

2.6 Connect to External Display Device

If the prior procedure for resetting the display does not work, the problem might be with the display itself. A monitor and an HDMI DVI or a VGA connection suitable for your laptop are required to test if your laptop screen is defective.

Connect your Lenovo laptop with a monitor through VGA or HDMI Cable. if it shows the display that means your laptop screen is Defective.

2.7 Reseating the memory module

Reseating the memory module is the process of removing a RAM chip from the DIMM slots and correctly inserting it into the slot. It’s a common procedure for a variety of laptop problems. These include, among other things, a long startup time and the system accessing the wrong memory space.

2.8 Explorer.exe (Restart)

Explorer.exe is responsible for the various important functions on your computer, including your desktop, toolbar, and many more. If anything happens and that process is mistakenly closed, your screen may go dark. Try restarting it to see if that resolves the issue:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Escape for opening Task Manager.
  2. Then tap Details.
  3. Select Explorer.exe and then click End Task.
  4. Restart your computer to fix the display issue.

2.9 Hard Reset

A hard reset is analogous to a power cycle. Turn off your Lenovo laptop, unhook it from any power source, and remove the battery; detach all accessories, and wait 30 seconds to a minute.

Then, press and hold the Power button for 60 seconds before replacing the battery and reconnecting the power cord. Then restart your computer to verify whether it powers up correctly and the display returns.

Call a Professional

If you’ve done everything above and your Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly, again and again, the problem is most likely with the internal wires connecting the screen to the computer board or the display. Unless you’re an expert in computer repair, it’s probably time to hire a specialist. Remember, if your machine is still under warranty, you should contact Lenovo first.

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