New tesla technology (By Elon Musk)

Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, is the most valuable automaker in the world. It is now working on several breakthroughs that will alter the future of the car and energy industries. Tesla has filed 361 patents in the areas of electric cars, vehicle design, solar roofing, user interfaces, battery packs, EV chargers, and other technologies. Tesla declared seven years ago that it would not file patent cases against anybody who wants to utilize its technology legitimately. The goal of the policy is to accelerate the development of a single, quickly changing platform for electric cars. Here are some new tesla technology details.

1. Tesla; AI, Artificial Intelligence, and Autopilot program

Tesla creates and deploys autonomous cars, robotics, and other devices on a large scale. tesla thinks that the only way to develop a generic solution for complete self-driving and beyond is to leverage powerful AI for vision and planning, supported by effective use of inference hardware.

FSD Chip

Produce AI inference processors to run our Complete Self software, taking into account every single architectural and micro-architectural enhancement while squeezing the most performance-per-watt out of silicon. Floor planning, scheduling, and power assessments should all be done on the design.

To ensure capability and performance, provide thorough tests and scoreboards. Drivers are used to programming and communicating with the chip, with a focus on performance and redundancy. Finally, they test the silicon chip before mass-producing it in tesla’s automobiles.

Dojo Chip

To power the tesla Dojo system, tesla needs to build AI training chips. From the tiniest training nodes to multi-die training tiles, use cutting-edge technologies. At every granularity, design, and architect for optimal speed, throughput, and bandwidth.

 Dictate the chip’s physical approach, floor design, and other physical features. To assure functional accuracy, develop pre-silicon verification and post-silicon validation tools. Throughout the Dojo system, write compilers and drivers to maximize power and performance for tesla’s neural networks.

Dojo system

From the semiconductor firmware interfaces to the high-level software APIs that manage the Dojo system, design, and develop it. Solve difficult challenges with cutting-edge technology for high-power supply and cooling, as well as scalable control loops and monitoring software.

Work on every aspect of system design with only your imagination as a limit, uniting the capabilities of Tesla’s mechanical, thermal, and electrical engineering teams to create the next generation of machine learning computing for Tesla datacenters.

Collaborate with Tesla fleet learning to deploy training workloads based on our enormous datasets, and create a public-facing API that will make Dojo accessible to the whole public.

2. Tesla Bot

Accelerate the development of automation, including a bipedal, humanoid robot capable of doing dangerous, monotonous, or boring activities. Tesla is looking for mechanical, electrical, controls, and software professionals to help us expand our AI capabilities outside our fleet of vehicles.

3. Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are the industry’s first of their type. Its solar roof tiles are three times stronger than normal roofing tiles and are designed to withstand all types of weather. A 25-year warranty is included. Tesla claims that its “in-house team of energy specialists has deployed more than 3.6 GW of clean solar energy around 4 lakh roofs, the equivalent of 10 million conventional solar panels.”

Source: Pixabay

Tesla claims that consumers would be able to power their homes at the lowest price per watt of any national supplier, allowing them to take charge of their monthly electricity payments. You can see a pricing estimate for its Solar Roof and Solar Tiles here.

Additionally, even on rooftops with difficult angles and intermittent sunshine, Tesla’s Solar Roof produces the maximum energy feasible. It provides a completely integrated system of safe and dependable solar power generation, thanks to the Tesla Solar Inverter. The solar inverter improves with each over-the-air software update because of its built-in connection.

4. Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels transform sunshine into electricity and may be put on existing roofs with a minimal appearance. It is covered by a 25-year warranty. When you order solar panels, the crew takes care of the essential permissions and installations. It also has the possibility of integrating Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Solar Inverter features.

Source: Pixabay

5. Tesla Megapack

Tesla Megapack is revolutionizing grid power, offering gigawatt-scale capacity and allowing the world’s greatest energy projects. For example, its 1 GWh (Gigawatt hour) project has the potential to power every residence in San Francisco for six hours, setting a new record.

Its Megapack is an all-in-one solution that includes battery modules, bi-directional inverters, thermal management systems, and other components that arrive pre-assembled and pre-tested in one enclosure directly from its Gigafactory. To put it another way, you only need to connect Megapack’s AC output to your site wiring. Megapack takes up 40% less room on-site and has 10x fewer parts than other systems on the market. The complete configuration can be built up to 10 times faster than current solutions.

6. Tesla charging stations

As the demand for electric vehicles grows, it is becoming increasingly important to establish charging infrastructure. Tesla is now leading the pack in terms of building cutting-edge chargers for its electric automobiles.

Home charging (wall connection), Supercharging, and destination charging are among the company’s revolutionary chargers. Tesla now owns and runs the world’s biggest worldwide fast-charging network, with about 25,000 Superchargers deployed.

Source: Pixabay

7. Tesla Giga Factory

Tesla plans to increase manufacturing to 5 lakh cars per year to expedite the world’s transition to sustainable energy through more inexpensive electric automobiles and energy goods. Tesla’s Gigafactory will be able to meet the company’s estimated car demand.

Along with Tesla’s energy storage products like Powerwall and Powerpack, the Gigafactory produces electric motors and battery packs. Tesla has four fully functional plants, one in China and three in the United States. More Giga factories are scheduled to be built throughout the world in the future years.

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