Best Paypal Alternative for Shopify

One of the most ground-breaking technological innovations ever was PayPal. Alternatives to PayPal were not given much attention at the time. In addition to making it quick and easy for you to send and take money from friends and family, it made sure that the money was much safer than many of the alternatives you had.

Additionally, PayPal offers reliable e-commerce, payment processing, reporting, and invoicing solutions that make it easy for you to accept payments for services and goods. It’s no secret that the PayPal interface is still quite good. But it’s important to keep in mind that people’s familiarity with it is the major factor in PayPal’s continued popularity. There are plenty of different PayPal substitutes that provide cheaper prices, superior customer support, and even better user interfaces.

What to take into account while comparing PayPal alternatives

Different alternatives will be more effective for certain organizations, but there are a few factors that any business or customer should take into account when determining which PayPal substitute would best meet their needs:

  1. Fees for transactions
  2. Monthly costs
  3. Certain services
  4. Saving cash
  5. Integrations

Top Best PayPal alternative for Shopify

Now that you are aware of the factors to take into account when selecting a Shopify payment provider for your company, here are the top Shopify payment options:

1. Shopify Payment

There is no better place to begin our list than with Shopify Payments, a Shopify-owned payment processor.

You don’t need to use a third-party solution since Shopify Payments includes all the features and tools you need to effectively manage and process payments on your website.

Shopify Payments is designed to be simple for both consumers and business owners to use. The user interface is uncomplicated and clear.

In terms of cost, setting up Shopify Fees won’t involve any more payments from you. Only your usual shop membership fee, card processing fees, and other associated costs will be billed to you by Shopify.

What advantages does Shopify have over PayPal?

  • You are not charged the standard transaction cost of 2.2% that Shopify levies with other third-party payment methods while using Shopify Payments. This, therefore, lowers your operating expenses.
  • In addition, if you decide to increase your Shopify membership plan, there are cheaper credit card transaction costs available.
  • It enables real-time observation.
  • Its checkout process is quick
  • When compared to other Shopify payment methods, it has lower processing fees.

2. Stripe

One of the most well-liked PayPal substitutes, especially among internet businesses, is Stripe. This payment solution views itself as a “developers first” company and maintains that payment issues are “rooted in code, not finance.”

Because of this, the service is simple to integrate and personalize utilizing and it should come as no surprise that many powerful digital business products, such as Shopify, offer excellent Stripe connections. With Stripe, money is instantly deposited into your bank account, and mobile payments are supported.

What advantages does Stripe have over PayPal?

  • In comparison to the 5% + $0.05 PayPal Payments Pro pricing structure, Stripe’s rates are significantly lower if you want to take micropayments of less than $10.
  • There are no recurring monthly fees with Stripe. It costs $30 per month to use PayPal Payments Pro.
  • Compared to PayPal Standard, the Stripe merchant interface is far superior. Many would contend that it surpasses PayPal Pro in quality.
  • If you have a programmer on your team, Stripe is incredibly configurable.
  • By doing away with the necessity for both a merchant account and gateway, Stripe simplifies the procedure. Stripe handled everything.


A reliable payment processor for Shopify is The platform is simple to use and has a tonne of features you’ll like.

Online payment processing, e-check processing, and mobile payment processing are all supported by Additionally, it accepts a variety of payment methods, including American Express, Visa, JCB, Discover, and MasterCard.

With features like automatic fraud detection, card tokenization, and a secure client management system, this Shopify payment option is incredibly safe.

What advantages does have over PayPal?

  • The setup charge for is $49, and the transaction fees are 2.9% + $0.30.
  • It’s at least superior to PayPal Standard in that the entire checkout procedure takes place on your website.
  • Through, you may still accept payments from all of the major credit cards as well as PayPal.
  • One of the greatest support teams in the industry.
  • With your QuickBooks account, you can sync.
  • It surpasses PayPal’s Advanced Fraud Detection.

4. Square

Square is a trusted provider of Shopify payment options. You may use it to handle payments both online and offline. Therefore, Square is a trustworthy payment option to employ whether you own an offline or online store. However, this method is not suitable for large businesses.

Additionally, you may include a variety of useful Square extensions on your Shopify site. Additionally, you can keep an eye on your transactions, cash flow, and even inventory using the dashboard.

Shopify business owners may choose from a variety of payment arrangements using this payment method. They consist of normal transactions, membership dues, appointment scheduling fees, and gifts.

What advantages does Square have over PayPal?

  • In terms of cost, Square has a normal transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30. We advise choosing the $12/month premium subscription if you want to get more out of Square.
  • Fixed-price pricing structure.
  • Outstanding client service.

5. Google Pay

Another well-liked alternative to PayPal is Google Pay. It is the best option for quick, simple, and cost-free purchases from well-known brands.

Using this tool, you may quickly and easily pay with cards saved to your Google account on websites, in applications, and in physical stores. Add your credit and debit card information to your account to start taking advantage of quicker, more easy payments from any location.

Bank transfers and debit cards are free. 2.9 percent of the transaction value is added to credit card transactions.

6. Skrill

The Skrill platform may initially appear to be the same as PayPal because of its comparable rates and fees. It is one of the simplest account setup processes in the industry. Skrill makes international payments much simpler since you may send and transfer money right away to a debit card that the firm will provide you. Solid security is provided.

Spending money with Skrill merchants and sending and receiving money is virtually always free. A valid email address is required to send or receive payments.

7. Amazon Pay

Without a doubt, one of the most well-liked alternatives to Shopify Payments is Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is an online payment service that may be used on mobile devices, web browsers, and with Alexa speech recognition. With Amazon Pay, your customers can pay right away, but they can also split payments into two or more, or they may start monthly payments.

Millions of customers across the world are familiar with the Amazon Pay checkout experience. Your clients’ checkout experience will be sped up and simplified as a result.

You may offer your clients one-click payments by using Amazon Pay. This will expedite and simplify the checkout process.

8. 2Checkout

An excellent PayPal substitute for receiving payments internationally is 2Checkout. Although PayPal has done an excellent job of taking numerous currencies from across the world, 2Checkout still stands out.

Over 87 currencies, eight payment methods, 15 languages, and more than 200 marketplaces are supported by 2Checkout.

Impressive is sophisticated fraud prevention. On every transaction, more than 300 security rules are applied.

9. Payoneer

Businesses may receive payments fast and securely using Payoneer. It benefits small and medium-sized firms in particular. Indeed, this PayPal substitute gives particular attention to market segments including e-commerce, internet marketing, freelancing, and holiday rentals.

Payoneer offers a debit card to go along with their online account, similar to how TransferWise does, so you can withdraw money from your bank or ATMs throughout the world.

This service is quicker to set up an account with than Stripe and doesn’t call for any programming experience.

Single or bulk payouts are possible with Payoneer, and you may also accept payments and withdraw money. It offers escrow, integrated, and third-party payments and has a partner network.

Other Payoneer users might send you money for nothing. Customer’s credit card transactions will be charged at a rate of 3%, and eCheck transactions will be charged at a rate of 1%.

10. Braintree

Although Braintree is a PayPal service, it is still a viable PayPal substitute. It is designed for large organizations, and users of the payment service include Uber, DropBox, GitHub, and Yelp.

The key advantage of Braintree is that they concentrate on assisting companies in lowering friction and “increasing conversions with a flawless checkout experience.”Accepting online payments in more than 130 currencies from more than 45 countries is simple with Braintree.

The service offers several cutting-edge features that PayPal is missing. It also contains all of the typical features that a bigger company would anticipate, such as regular billing and direct customer assistance. The method works well with PayPal and other well-known payment processors like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

2.9 percent + $0.30 per transaction is the standard price; however, upon request, special pricing options are also available.

Final Thoughts: Choosing the Best Alternative Payment Methods

The more obstacles to a simple checkout process you can get rid of, the better. Before selecting payment methods for your Shopify site, think about the whole buying experience, such as usability, transaction costs, and security precautions. Set up a system to collect customer input so you can provide the best possible payment options.


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