How to recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram

Currently, Instagram is perhaps the most popular app. The software is actively aware of its shortcomings and is devoting time to coming up with fixes. This year, the app is producing amazing results and winning praise from a wide range of sources. Many of us are guilty of deleting postings, only to kick ourselves for not utilizing archives in their place days later. To permanently break the cycle of guilt, Instagram has at last found a solution. Let’s discuss how to recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram.

How Do I Create an Instagram Reel?

Open the Instagram app on your device and press the plus symbol at the top to create a reel. Choose the reels option, then either record a video or choose a video from your gallery. Tap and hold the record button to start recording. Once done with recording, you can add music, or edit it as you wish to.

How Can a Reel Be Posted On Instagram?

Open the Instagram app on your device and make a reel before posting it to Instagram. A video from your device’s gallery is another option. If you like, you may edit the reel. Then click the Share icon up top. The screen will display a pop-up box. The reel will be sent to your Instagram feed when you tap the “Add reel to your story” button.

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How Can a Draft Reel Be Shared On Instagram?

Go to your profile page’s Instagram reel draughts folder. You may post a reel draught by tapping on it. After entering the share page, you can modify it as needed before posting it to your Instagram feed.

How to Delete Instagram Draft Reels?

Only if you erased your Reels draft will you need to retrieve them. When unsure whether to submit a draft of the reel, you may preserve it. After days of deliberation, you eventually come to the conclusion that the stored reel draft is not worthy of posting. You must then remove the reel draft from your account. Yet how? Let’s look at how to remove the Reels draft you’ve generated and saved to your Instagram account.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone or tablet. Enter the login information to access your account.
  • By selecting the profile image icon located in the bottom right corner of your main Instagram page, you may access your profile page.
  • The Reels tab is located in the center. Tap it.
  • Your posted reels as well as the reel videos you’ve saved as drafts may be seen here.
  • Reel draft that you no longer wish to keep should be opened.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the choose option.
  • The draft of your reel will now be permanently removed from the draughts area when you press the Discard button from this screen.

How to recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram?

Instagram introduced the “Recently Deleted” function earlier this year, allowing users to browse and retrieve recently deleted photos, IGTV videos, and Instagram reels. Instagram revealed the new feature and the reasons they felt it was vital to develop it on their official blog page. Instagram is aware of the tricks used by hackers, who frequently start deleting posts from the accounts they have acquired for no apparent reason. Instagram introduced a degree of verification formality that the user would have to go through before removing their post for safety reasons after realizing this situation.

On your Android and iOS smartphone, you can retrieve deleted reel drafts using some of the techniques we’ve outlined.

1. From the recently deleted folder

Instagram features a Recently Erased section where all the contents are temporarily held before being completely deleted for a month (stories are only temporarily stored for 24 hours).

Therefore, How do recover deleted reels drafts on Instagram? You can discover the reel in the Recently Deleted folder if you accidentally fail to save it or quit the program. Here’s where to look in your account to find it.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Access your profile feed (if you are on the home page, tap on your small profile picture icon to open your profile feed).
  • Click or press the hamburger menu’s three horizontal lines, then select Your Activity.
  • To open it, scroll down and select Recently Deleted.
  • You may find your deleted reel draught here.
  • To restore a reel, tap on it.
  • Restore can be chosen by clicking on the three lines.

Your deleted reel has been successfully added back to the draught so that you can now finish working on it.

2. From reels Upload screen

When editing reels on Instagram, we occasionally open another app after receiving a notice or a call and forget to save what we were working on. In such an instance, there’s a good probability that the uploaded screen still contains your reel. Here’s how to check it out.

  • your device’s Instagram app should be opened.
  • Swipe left to reveal the Upload Screen on the home page.
  • Choose Reels from the menu at the bottom.
  • Your reel was saved if you see a popup notification telling you to “Continue editing your video”
  • To pick up where you left off with your reel video editing, click Continue.

3. Update the app

If you successfully saved the reel in the draught but still cannot locate it, there may be an application error at play. The most recent update fixes the fault that led some users to claim that their reels vanished even after they had been saved. Here is how to update the app to fix the problem.

  • Go to the Google Play Store or App Store first.
  • Check to see if Instagram is installed on your phone using the most recent version. Click the “Update” button if one is present.
  • Upgrading Instagram restored Reels Drafts.

Final Thoughts

So, this is how to recover the deleted reels drafts on Instagram back to their location and use them. We hope that you liked our article and if you think someone else also needs to know about this feature, then share it with them too.

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