My Samsung Watch Won’t Turn On

Is your Samsung watch won’t turn on? You’re not the only one experiencing issues with your Galaxy Watch, so relax. There have been numerous reports of the same problem: “My Galaxy Watch won’t turn on.”

The Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch are presently vying for the top rank among the best smartwatches available worldwide.

Like all other Samsung goods, the Watch is of a high caliber, and its OS performs admirably, as would be expected given its high price.

1. Why my Samsung Galaxy Watch is not turning on?

You might need to charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch if it won’t turn on even after you press and hold the power key. If the battery is nearly dead, you can put it on the dock or a wireless charger that is compatible with it.

There are several reasons why your watch is not turning on such as;

1.1 Damaged Watch

You can determine whether the smartwatch is broken or not if the screen is black but you attempt a forced reset. No matter whether the screen is turning on or not, you will either feel the watch vibrate or hear a sound.

  • Till the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press and holds both of the Samsung Watch’s buttons.
  • If the smartwatch still doesn’t switch on, try charging it for a time before trying the previous procedures again.

1.2 Battery power Depletion

If the battery is nearly dead, this is the foremost reason which My Samsung Watch Won’t Turn On. The watch won’t switch on or respond even after being connected to the charger because of this, which is the most frequent problem.

1.3 Broken charger

Make sure you have a compatible dock or adaptor for charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Your

 Galaxy Watch might not be charging properly if you are not using a device charger that has been certified by Samsung.

1.4 Incompatible charging source

The Galaxy Watch frequently won’t turn on because it isn’t receiving power. It’s conceivable that the power outlet you currently have is broken and is keeping the watch from charging.

1.5 A watch needs to be reset

Hold down the Power and Home keys until a rebooting message is displayed on display to soft reset the watch. You might need to perform a power cycle or reset the Watch if it is turned on but frozen or unresponsive. See if the performance has improved after the gadget has finished its power cycle. You might want to try a factory data reset if it hasn’t before.

1.6 Watch has to be factory reset

To erase user settings and restore factory defaults, perform a factory reset. You must be able to access the smartwatch’s device settings to execute a factory reset, also known as a factory data reset. Unfortunately, you cannot continue if it is unresponsive or shut off. Your sole option in that situation is to get in touch with the Samsung Support Center.

2. Fix the Galaxy Watch not turning on the problem

For all Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, the following fixes are thought to work.

2.1 Charge The Smartwatch

Use the wireless charger to start charging your watch, then leave it on the cradle for a few hours.

Press the Power button on your watch while leaving it on the charger after an hour or two if the charging indicator doesn’t appear on the display. If so, allow the charge to build up until the watch is completely charged.

2.2 Clean watch and charger connections

Check that nothing—not even tape or dust—is in the way of the charger and the device. The charger frequently develops dust or debris from use, and your smartwatch’s back frequently develops dust as well. Before attempting to charge, remove any debris from the charger and the watch’s back with a clean piece of cloth.

2.3 Change the charger’s power source

Change the charger’s power source by moving it from the laptop to a wall outlet. The gadget must be turned on and not in sleep mode before charging via a laptop or PC.

2.4 Place the watch on the docking cradle

Many Galaxy Watch users advise letting the Watch sit on the docking cradle for an hour or two without charging it if the aforementioned fixes don’t work to turn on the screen. The Watch will automatically start up. Try charging it and see whether the Samsung Galaxy Watch turns on now if that doesn’t work.

2.5 Reset the watch 

2.5.1 Holding down the Power key will cause “Rebooting…” to appear:

Press and hold the Home key (Power key) and Back key simultaneously until “Rebooting…” appears on your watch to force a reboot. Never click Power off or Restart when those options show on the screen.

Each gadget has a different requirement for how long you must press the buttons. It can take up to 30 seconds for “Rebooting…” to appear on some watch models.

2.5.2 Wait for the watch to restart after releasing the Power key:

Release the keys you were holding down when the message “Rebooting” displays. The watch will reboot if the screen goes black.

When the watch reboots, any gadgets that are linked to your phone will momentarily disconnect.

2.6 Factory Reset

This should be your very last option. To conduct a factory reset and resolve the issue if none of the ways above worked, follow these instructions:

  • Hold down the power button until the word “Rebooting” appears on the screen.
  • Until the message “Select reboot mode” appears on the screen, continually press the power button.
  • Pick “Recover” from the menu options by pressing the power button.
  • Hold down the power button once more until the Galaxy Watch restarts. This procedure could take a while.

2.7 Call for service, In case the watch is damaged

Please visit the service center and make a service request if a physical issue, such as a stuck button, prevents the watch from restarting.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of reasons why my Samsung Watch Won’t Turn On Therefore, we can understand your panic when the Galaxy Watch suddenly won’t switch on. However, there are a few fixes you can attempt that can help you get the smartwatch working properly once more.

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