How to save battery on galaxy watch 4?

How to save battery on galaxy watch 4?

One of the most technologically advanced Wear OS smartwatches is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You can do several things, such as add modifications, track health statistics, call through the watch, react to messages, and download third-party apps. Here are a few tips that work well for How to save battery on the galaxy watch 4?

The major flaw in a lot of contemporary smartwatches is their battery life. Not just the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has this issue. However, there are a few methods to make it bigger. We put them to the test and discovered that by implementing all of these suggestions, the battery life may be increased to around 55 hours.

Continue reading the post and be sure to follow all the instructions below since doing so will help the Samsung watch 4’s battery last longer and stop it from depleting quickly.

1. Lower the brightness, Establish quiet hours and Minimize the timeout duration

You might need to adjust the watch brightness rather high when you’re outside. However, if you spend most of your time indoors, lowering the screen brightness to its lowest setting, or at least to a level that is comfortable for you, will help your Galaxy Watch 4 battery last longer. Also, make sure to keep the watch at a moderate temperature while charging.

You may adjust the screen brightness as well as the length of time before the screen turns off automatically; the shorter the time, the better. Additionally, you may utilize the “Do not disturb mode” to save power at night by turning off the always-on display and disabling alerts.

2. Enable the Auto-Brightness setting

How to save battery on galaxy watch 4? On Wear OS smartwatches, selecting the automatic brightness option reduces power consuming option yet another way. When auto-brightness is turned on, the screen brightness will change automatically based on the amount of ambient light and the material being shown.

Your wristwatch screen will still be bright enough when you need it if auto-brightness is on, but it won’t be wasting energy when it’s not.

3. Disable the watch face’s always-on feature

If you want to amaze your friends with your smartwatch, Always On Display (AOD) is a fantastic function to enable because, without AOD, your watch screen would simply be a black blank screen. AOD uses a lot of power, therefore it will make your Wear OS smartwatch’s battery drain more quickly than usual.

When the Galaxy Watch 4 is in always-on mode, the battery tends to drain more quickly, so you should turn it off when not in use. So, if you’re having a long day, utilize the always-on display option carefully. It’s a trade-off between a stylish smartwatch and a priceless battery life.

4. Battery Saver: The practical method for conserving batteries

A battery saver is the best option to answer our question of how to save battery on the galaxy watch 4. The energy saver mode that comes pre-installed on the Galaxy Watch 4 is the ideal option if you don’t want to fiddle with settings and just want an easy approach to extend battery life.

According to Samsung, the power saver mode may extend battery life by about five hours. For this, the CPU speed and background synchronization are constrained, along with features like Always On Display, WLAN, activation gesture, and location services being disabled.

5. Utilize STATIC watch faces

Dynamic, animated watch faces are supported by the Galaxy Watch 4. These watch faces, however, use a lot of battery. Consider choosing a static watch face with black parts if you don’t like personalization to save battery life and cut down on CPU utilization.

The watch face will provide a better battery backup by turning off the unneeded pixels that require power if it has more black parts.

6. Disable Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS, and gestures if not in use

You may also remove unwanted or pointless functions if you don’t want to immediately enter the power-saving mode. This includes connectivity features like GPS, LTE with the LTE version, and WLAN.

Additionally, you may turn off actions like “raise a hand to activate” and “answer calls.” Due to the watch not having to continuously check to see if the appropriate gesture has been made, battery life is increased.

7. Remove the app you hardly ever use

Numerous Wear OS applications are available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but having too many of them will make your watch run slower and use more power than it should. When you have too many background processes running, disabling alerts for all of these applications may not be sufficient in some circumstances. Therefore, the best course of action is to remove the program that you don’t use.

8. Unused sensors and health applications should be disabled

Disabling the health-related sensors and Apps you are not using is another approach to extend the life of the battery in this Watch. You can prevent your battery from experiencing additional strain by turning them off. As a result, the battery life will eventually get longer.

9. Manually Configure Applications’ Notifications

A smartwatch is not intended to carry as much weight as a smartphone, as was already established. Therefore, it is preferable to restrict alerts to avoid rapid battery use. Not every wristwatch app could be necessary for you as well. However, if the notifications are configured to auto-receive, you must accept them from all applications.

It is thus recommended to manually configure them. By doing this, you will receive notifications from applications that are essential to you. It will assist you in avoiding pointless alerts and lessen your concern for the Watch’s battery.

10. Update applications, the operating system, and the clock

You could have a software issue if you’ve tried all the suggestions and your battery life is still subpar. You should check the battery settings to identify the program that may be consuming an excessive quantity of orders to resolve this. Then, if required, uninstall this application.

Additionally, you should make sure that all of your applications and software are up to date (as with any technological gadget). If not, make changes. Many times, returning the clock to its original settings might be beneficial. The appropriate option is located in the watch’s settings.

11. Turn on “Good Night Mode”

When you are not wearing your smartwatch, consider adopting this advice. Notifications and wake-up gestures are disabled while this mode is activated. Additionally, in this state, the AOD will likewise be rendered inactive. When not in use, you may save the battery life of your smartwatch by doing this.

Wrap Up

The best battery-saving strategies for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 were those listed above. The aforementioned advice should assist you in extending the watch’s lifespan and producing a high screen on schedule.

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